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07/27/2004 Entry: "BIO RESCUE and RAVEN'S SHADOW -- two "me too"s (Linda)"

Bio Rescue

BIO RESCUE by S. L. Viehl

Shelley did such a good job of describing the plot, I'll just add my comments. This is a definite recommend for me also. I've always been fascinated with the idea of alien life, and Viehl does a wonderful job creating aliens of all kinds, thus the Zangians and their watery way of life were totally fascinating to me. I would have liked to see a little less miscommunication between Dair, the heroine, and Onkar. But then again, Onkar was acting like a jealous, possessive Zangian male in his prime, so maybe I'm trying to put human feelings into my alien romance! I truly enjoyed reading about a romance in which the characters don't look human, although there was the human/Zangian mating of Dair's father and stepmother to add to my interest. I really enjoyed the plot but also agree the ending relied more upon a miracle than I would have liked. --Linda


Raven's Shadow

RAVEN'S SHADOW by Patricia Briggs

A high recommend for me. I agree with everything Preeti said. I loved the plot, but the true thing that grabs you are the characters. Tier is so decent that even when he's a prisoner, he can't help trying to teach the young men to be good men; Seraph is so strong but full of emotions that she tries to keep hidden and under control; Jes is so sweet and simple but with such a dangerous alternate side; and Lehr is so dependable and responsible. I could go on and on. I came to care about the whole family so much. And the romance that started between Jes and Hennea is the icing on the cake!

I've only read Patricia Briggs' MASQUES, WHEN DEMON'S WALK and THE HOB'S BARGAIN. I've enjoyed them all. THE HOB'S BARGAIN was a personal favorite with its unusual romance :-) but her writing has improved even more here. She's taken a plot that isn't totally unusual to me and changed it into something I couldn't put down. :-) That doesn't happen to me much anymore. This book made my day! --Linda

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