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07/16/2004 Entry: "I THIRST FOR YOU by Suzan Sizemore -- Irresistible! (Leila)"

I Thirst for You

l really like Susan Sizemore. The occasional sarcasm, the gentle irony, the wonderful vampires she creates in this latest set are irresistible. In this one our vampire is escaping an experimental lab. He's in pain, hungry, etc. in the middle of the desert, and while reaching out with all his senses, his mind encounters HER. The woman he can bond for life with. But first, she's a snack for a desperate vampire. She's recovering from a plane crash, and the guilt of being the only survivor and the pilot. She's an empath, and her talent is too difficult to handle around other people. He kidnaps her, woos her, and the lab people aren't giving up on him, and now her. A very very good read, that I'd recommend to anyone looking for (yet another) vampire romances.--Leila

--I THIRST FOR YOU at Amazon

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