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05/21/2004 Entry: "Laurell K. Hamilton's INCUBUS DREAMS Cover"

The cover of the next Anita Blake book, INCUBUS DREAMS, is gorgeous, but I'm guessing it'll make people feel more comfortable ordering the book online than in the store. And now I don't have to do either! You see, someone posted an early version of chapter 38 of INCUBUS DREAMS in their LiveJournal, and reading it was enough kill any lingering interest I had in Anita Blake's life. These characters are unrecognizable from the ones I loved in the first books. I'm still interested in Merry Gentry's life, though...for now.

Your thoughts?

review page for CERULEAN SINS

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I just wanted to say that I went to the site and read the post of chapter 38. I am sorry that so many people feel that they no longer recognize the characters and are not interested in reading Anita anymore. While I have been disappointed in what some of the characters have done, it is like any relationship with a friend. You might not like everything they do but you still like the core person. I will be first in line to buy Incubus Dreams because I enjoy the journey LKH takes us on. I don't know where it is going and I like that a lot. The characters have changed, this is true, but I would think it would be incredibly boring for the characters to stay the same.

Posted by Leslee @ 05/21/2004 09:18 AM ET

I think that's the problem with series writers in general. They write themselves into corners or write themselves out and start to get rather lame in their delivery. I know of many authors that can start a good series, but have yet to see very many that can finish one. I think now she's just writing because the series is still popular, and not because there's much left to write about. Pretty soon she'll probably find interest waning, and get the message...I hope.

Posted by Rebekah @ 05/21/2004 10:46 AM ET

How do you know this excerpt is legit?

Posted by Jen @ 05/25/2004 12:50 PM ET

I thank Incabus Dreams is a natural progression in Anita's learning how to deal with her hungers for blood, etc. Everyone is changed by their life experiences. It is fantasy and I have no problems with how sexual it has become. I like sexually explicit books as long as they have a good story and characters you care about. In fact I applaud Laurell's courage in following her vision for her character.

Posted by Mary @ 06/04/2004 12:39 PM ET

If this is legit then it's a pretty damning indictment of LKH's talent. We've had a bevy of new characters introduced and they are treated as old friends, we have Jean-Claude acting slutty and we have Anita saying that's fine.

Is the whole point of this series for Anita to gradually become the very monster that she started out fighting? Each book seems to take her one step further down that slippery slope. Yet for all her protests the person who is most likely to endorse the "whatever is necessary" attitude is Anita.

I agree that in a certain sense monsters are people too. But what separates monsters from the rest of us is our adherence to an ethical code which respects other people, and not just us or a select group. Anita seems more and more to insist that she is the only one who is right, and that anyone against her is wrong, even EVIL (note capitals).

Personally I'd like to see three major developments in this series. Firstly I'd like to see someone actually defeat Anita in some form of permanent way. Secondly I'd like to see someone genuinely more powerful than Anita who is not killed/neutralized by the end of the story. Finally I'd like to see someone disagree with Anita on a fundamental level and be right.

I guess I'm just getting a little sick of the smug Anita Blake appreciation society that LKH seems to be expecting in her readers. I like to be challenged, not fed recycled pap. And really, Narcissus in Chains and Cerulean Sins are just that. I think that with a few exceptions there has not been good character development on Anita's behalf since Obsidian Butterfly.

The two things that I think that this series is lacking is responsibility, and balance. Anita Blake seems to be the most powerful necromancer, the deadliest combatant and the smartest detective. She’s becoming a sort of Mary-Sue character. If LKH doesn’t balance the series quickly be allowing other characters to excel, and also by allowing the motives and actions of other characters to have reality then I think it’s time to move on. We need to see Anita realize that if she steps on people to get where she’s going that she has actually hurt them, not just done the expedient thing to get the job done. Anita’s lack of reaction to the child who witnessed her execution at the conclusion of Cerulean Sins is a good example. She knows that she hurt the child but regards it as a necessary sacrifice. Where once she would have gone out of her way to minimise the damage done by “friendly-fire” now she goes for the easiest kill. Anita needs to realize that other people are just as human, just as real as she is. Until that happens she remains a petty and vindictive person, and not worthy of the title hero.

Posted by MacShimi @ 06/09/2004 10:25 PM ET

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