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05/17/2004 Entry: "DIME STORE MAGIC and DEAD TO THE WORLD -- Shelley"

Dime Store Magic

DIME STORE MAGIC by Kelley Armstrong

I was pleasantly suprised by Kelley Armstrong's DIME STORE MAGIC. I found Paige very annoying in STOLEN, but here, with her own voice, she was quite interesting. Also, she admits in the narrative that she has matured a lot since STOLEN. There's lots of interesting information on Armstrong's supernatural world, some great action, and a nice romance. My only quibble is that it did take Paige a long time to get a clue as to the real character of some of the people around her, but the action still kept me engaged. Definitely looking forward to the next in the series.--Shelley


Dead to the World

DEAD TO THE WORLD by Charlaine Harris


I too read and enjoyed Charlaine Harris' DEAD TO THE WORLD. I really like the Sookie Stackhouse books and enjoyed her relationship with Eric in this volume. In fact, I actually enjoy Eric more than Bill. I find Bill rather one note, but Eric--even with his memory and in devious mode--is an interesting character. I would not mind seeing more of him now that he has his memory back.--Shelley


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