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05/10/2004 Entry: "A SCHOLAR OF MAGICS & DHAMPIR -- In Brief"

Scholar of Magics

A SCHOLAR OF MAGICS by Caroline Stevermer

I also recommed A SCHOLAR OF MAGICS. I never read A COLLEGE OF MAGICS, but it didn't detract from the reading experience of this book at all. I've been very much in the mood for a Regency novel so enjoyed this Edwardian-style novel (close enough) immensely. I really think those who love Regency romances but never read fantasy novels should try this as their first walk on the magical side. Similarly, those who hate the slower style of the Regency may hate this. But for myself, I loved the characters, the witty and subtle remarks, the slow but steady escalation of the mystery, and even the slow, unknowing (to the participants) growth of friendship, liking, and attraction between the hero and heroine. Suzanne mentions a next book in this series in her comments. I hope this is true--I'd like to see more of this couple.--Linda



DHAMPIR by Barb & J.C. Hendee

I can't comment about DHAMPIR since I got stuck about a third of the way through and never finished. It's not awful; it's just not grabbing me, and with (extremely) limited reading time these days, my new policy is not to read anything that I don't feel excited about. Technically speaking, I guess that's a discommend...--Danielle

--DHAMPIR at Amazon

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