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05/01/2004 Entry: "Charlaine Harris' DEAD TO THE WORLD -- Preeti"

Dead to the World

Slight spoilers...

I love the character of Sookie Stackhouse; her dignity in the face of the underlying tragedy of her life hooks me in every book. DEAD TO THE WORLD was no exception. It's another great entry in the "Southern Vampire" series, although if I had to rank the four books so far, this would place last. Her relationship with Bill the Vampire over (for now), she's finally receptive to Eric the vampire's romantic overtures--but it takes the personality change in Eric from mysterious amnesia to accomplish the deed.

Sookie is surprised to find Eric naked in the night on a dark road with no memory and shelters him. Amnesia reveals a sweetly charming and vulnerable Eric far removed from his more unpredictably dangerous normal self. Sookie takes it upon herself to protect Eric and figure out what's going on. Without his memory he's frighteningly unprotected against deadly enemies and maybe even some of his vampire brethren.

Sure there was actually an interesting external plot with evil witches and some of the werewolves from the last book that culminated in a gory bloodbath, but I don't even try to pretend that I read these books for anything but the offbeat characters, the humor, and Sookie's love life. And boy did her love life get more interesting in this book. The "Southern Vampire" mystery series still has me hooked. Can't wait for the next book already.--Preeti

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