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04/23/2004 Entry: "Drawing for Free Copy of Patricia Briggs' STEAL THE DRAGON"

Steal the Dragon

I found a used copy of the hard-to-find STEAL THE DRAGON, by Patricia Briggs, this past weekend. Since I already have one, I thought I'd hold a drawing to give it away to one of this site's readers. (Plus, I don't have any new reviews to post.)

Patricia Briggs is one of this site's favorite authors although I myself have only read her most recent books. Her WHEN DEMONS WALK made our list of "SFR 101" -- i.e., the basic books every fan of the romantic SF genre should read. Publication of her THE HOB'S BARGAIN prompted an interview with Patricia Briggs in which you can find out how her early books are connected.

This copy of STEAL THE DRAGON has several creases in the spine and wear all around the edges. That is, it doesn't look as spiffy as the picture on the left.

Please send me your name and email. I'll draw a winner on Monday evening and email her to obtain a mailing address. I reserve the right to use whatever postage rate I want and take no responsibility for the book once it's left my hands. Non-U.S. folks welcome to participate.

--Patricia Briggs' Web site

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I just conducted the drawing, and the winner of the copy of STEAL THE DRAGON is...Heather K. W. from somewhere in the U.K.!

Thanks to everyone who entered--there were almost 50 of you. If by any chance you're chagrined you missed the opportunity to even enter in the drawing, please consider signing up for our site updates. The form is in the upper-right-hand corner of the home page.

FYI, I'm removing all the drawing-entries from the comments above. I can't stand the thought that these defenseless emails are left out for spammers to harvest.

Lastly, Meg, in one of the deleted comments, points out STEAL THE DRAGON is available as an ebook. Personally, I dislike reading books electronically, but at least it's an option until Briggs becomes a bestselling author and her backlist gets published in paper again. :-)

Posted by Preeti @ 04/26/2004 10:49 PM ET

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