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04/20/2004 Entry: "A SCHOLAR OF MAGICS and KUSHIEL'S DART -- Danielle in Brief II"

Scholar of Magics

A SCHOLAR OF MAGICS by Caroline Stevermer

Suzanne reviewed this so well that all I have to say is "ditto."

A SCHOLAR OF MAGICS is a little more restrained and less swashbuckling than A COLLEGE OF MAGICS, which is fitting considering the English academic setting. I didn't love it *quite* as much as the first book--but since A COLLEGE OF MAGICS is one of my Top Ten all-time favourite books, that's a very tiny criticism.--Danielle


Kushiel's Dart

KUSHIEL'S DART by Jacqueline Carey

Finally got around to reading KUSHIEL'S DART, as a friend lent me her copy, and enjoyed it more than I expected to given the melodramatic elements.

This is a book to be read for plot rather than character or world-building; it's fast-paced and compulsively readable, with a wonderfully over-the-top villain. I'm definitely interested in reading the sequels, but I hope that Phedre (the protagonist) develops some flaws--she's annoyingly perfect so far.--Danielle

--KUSHIEL'S DART at Amazon

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