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04/17/2004 Entry: "Sapphire Awards announced"


It seems to be award season, as the Sapphire Awards for the Best Science Fiction Romance have also been announced. The award is given by the Science Fiction Romance Newsletter for the year's best work that "combines science fiction or fantasy and romance as critical components of the plot". The first place in the Novel Category went to TINKER by Wen Spencer, second place to DANCE WITH THE DEVIL by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and third place to SKYFALL by Catherine Asaro. In the Short Fiction Category, the winners were Catherine Asaro, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Susan Grant, in that order.

--TINKER review page
--SKYFALL review page

The complete list--

Novel Length Fiction:

First Place: TINKER, by Wen Spencer (Baen)
Second Place: DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, by Sherrilyn Kenyon (St. Martin’s)
Third Place: SKYFALL, by Catherine Asaro (Tor)

Short Fiction:

First Place: “Moonglow”, by Catherine Asaro, in CHARMED DESTINIES (Silhouette)
Second Place: “Phantom Lover”, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, in MIDNIGHT PLEASURES (St. Martin’s)
Third Place: “The Star Queen”, by Susan Grant, in THE ONLY ONE (Dorchester)

(For the full list of all Sapphire Winners. For the full list of 2003 nominees.)

Replies: 3 Comments

I hate to point out an error but the results posted in the first part of this news item for the Sapphire Award are from last year.

The winners for this year are posted below though.

Posted by Quaisior @ 04/17/2004 06:10 PM ET

*sigh* That's what I get for trying to do something while listening to the ending of BEEKEEPER'S APPRENTICE on audiotape ... Thanks for the heads up!

Posted by Rebekah @ 04/18/2004 01:13 AM ET

No problem. I've done similar things before too, but I thought I'd point it out since I was a bit confused at first. I thought I had read the post about the Sapphires on the Yahoo Group wrong or that I remembered it wrong. :)

Posted by Quaisior @ 04/18/2004 02:42 AM ET

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