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04/10/2004 Entry: "Werewolves and Dragons -- Danielle in Brief"


BITTEN by Kelly Armstrong
Loved the idea of the protagonist being the only female werewolf in the world, which understandably makes her rather, um, sought after. Elena (the werewolf) has a great voice, and Armstrong has fun with the frustrations of a wild thing trying to "pass" in a modern city. (The tone is very Buffy-ish, with lots of light quippage.)

I normally hate the dominant male type of romance hero, but I liked Clay. After all, he literally is an alpha wolf, so he has an excuse for behaving that way.--Danielle


An absolutely bizarre premise--a Victorian novel (think deathbed confessions, long-lost relatives, and court cases) in which the characters are all dragons--pulled off with tons of style. The narration hits exactly the right Trollopian note of amused satire.

As in most Victorian novels, marriage proposals play a large part in the story, so I'd say this definitely qualifies as SFR.--Danielle

--BITTEN at Amazon
--TOOTH AND CLAW at Amazon

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