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03/18/2004 Entry: "SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT by LKH -- Laurie's View"

Seduced by Moonlight

I read SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT as an unabridged audiobook, so my spelling of character names will more than likely be more heinous than usual. After the first few minutes I realized I should've reread the previous books in the series or at least skimmed them (ah, if I only had the time!). Basically, I remembered that Merry was desperate to become pregnant to inherit the throne, Gaelen was her childhood love, and that she had temporarily entered into an agreement with the goblins involving blood and sex.

The book starts off as Merry and her crew of nearly naked lovers are about to put on a scandalous show to please the pesky media. Just where this little foray lead I'm still unsure, but it sure started the book out on an exciting note. Soon the goblin king and his nasty queen enter the picture and the court politics begin. At this point the plot seems to be going nowhere, and the descriptions of each and every one of Merry's lovers are endless. But this is actually a good thing for me since I can't remember what anyone looks like except for maybe Gaelen the green dude and Doyle her darkness.

The repetitiveness of the descriptions are comforting to me in a weird way (sort of like Dean Koontz's habit of being lovingly overly descriptive). I had a difficult time clicking with the story early on, but I think it's due to my poor memory. My head was spinning from all of the court politics and the various characters, and I spent more time trying to remember who was who (and what they meant to the story) than I did concentrating on the current story. I found myself drifting away and doing a lot of rewinding early on.

Still, I valiantly continued reading and eventually fell into the story around tape three (coincidentally, this is when things really begin to, ah, heat up, but I'm sure that has absolutely nothing to do with it) and then some of the bigger details slowly came back to me. The most fascinating aspects of this book for me were the magical elements and the increasing powers. Of course the erotic fantasy elements don't hurt either.

This one gets a recommend from me but with reservations. It is most definitely a middle-of-the-series book and absolutely does not stand alone (in any way), but it was interesting and imaginative and I'll splurge for the next one.--Laurie

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I have read all three in the series and I would agree that this book can not ne read alone, but I absolutly loved the story telling. The book has so many interesting characters and intense emotions.

Posted by kelly @ 03/21/2004 09:01 PM ET

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