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03/13/2004 Entry: "Armstrong Cover Looks Familiar - Poll"

Kelly Armstrong's DIME STORE MAGIC will be released on April 27th, but the cover art we've seen already seemed familiar. At a quick glance, it looks much like the covers for the popular Laurell K. Hamilton books, in particular CERULEAN SINS. This is quite a divergence from the previous subtle Armstrong covers, and it seems to be an attempt to interest readers of Laurell K. Hamilton's books in Kelley Armstrong. Just for fun, because we love our new poll feature, we decided to ask you your opinion.

Do you like the cover to DIME STORE MAGIC by Kelly Armstrong?
Yes, finally an accurate cover, sexy & paranormal. 1 2%
Yes, because LKH fans *would* enjoy Armstrong too 3 5%
Yes, because it is a cool cover. 11 17%
I'm neutral on the cover. 12 18%
No, because it looks like a cheap LKH knock-off. 14 21%
No, because it doesn't fit the tone of previous books 14 21%
No, because the cover is boring/ugly/tasteless. 11 17%
Total votes: 66
Start date: 03/13/04
End date: 03/23/04


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