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03/11/2004 Entry: "In Brief - Susan Sizemore's DECEPTIONS and HEROES"


Laws of the Blood - DECEPTIONS
I think this is my favorite of the series so far. It almost seemed like a 'kinder, gentler' Laws of the Blood. The primary romance was fine, but I really enjoyed the secondary characters and the way their romance progressed.--Suzanne


Laws of the Blood - HEROES
I hadn't realized that one of the couples in HEROES was the hero and heroine from PARTNERS. I liked seeing Char and Jebel again and am anxious to see what happens next with them. Their story will definitley have to continue beyond HEROES.

Vampire Enforcer Char still hasn't made her human lover, Jebel, her "companion" by taking his blood. She has an almost irresistible drive to do it, but one of the main things holding her back is the fact that once she starts taking blood, Jebel will become a vampire. Supposedly, made vampires and their sires (dams?) can't be together in this version of vampirism.

I'm also enjoying the other couple, the one with one with the MUCH older vampire. Basically, I thought HEROES was promising, but that Laurell K. Hamilton's books are better.--Linda

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