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03/07/2004 Entry: "A Surprise Author Encounter"

Blood and Chocolate

Got an email notification from the library that they were holding Jennifer Crusie's BET ME for me. Make it there with a minute to spare before closing time. Checkout clerk can't find book and refers me to reference desk. Woman at reference desk looks familiar. I tell her my situation, then glance at her name tag. It says "Annette C. Klause"!

I let her know I'm a big fan of her books. Even as the library lights are being shut off, I ask her how the book we've been hearing about for a couple of years now is coming along. She says she hopes to have it finished in a few months and had just received a five-page feedback letter from her editor, single-spaced.

She then proceeds to try to deal with the mystery of the disappeared book, but she has no luck, and I have run out of time because the library is closed. No Crusie for me, but a tidbit of information to share with you guys is an even exchange. I leave happy instead of annoyed.


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