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03/06/2004 Entry: "Two More on TINKER -- Preeti and Suzanne"


Mild spoilers in my comments.

I liked it a lot. The story was energetic and fast-paced with a "oh, cool" factor throughout. Tinker, wild girl genius, was a fun character. I hope she doesn't become more muted in later books.

After the Ukiah Oregon books, I was surprised by the greater erotic charge in TINKER. Do you guys think Spencer will pursue the angle with Pony? He stole the book from WindWolf in this one, in my opinion. Heck, even the Tengu character did that. The Tinker-WindWolf romance was surprisingly without emotional depth, although tantalizing enough to keep me hooked and wanting more.

Linda, after reading the book, I realized that your reference to "Pgh" must be a local term for Pittsburgh. Based on your review, I'd honestly expected to read about a land with the unpronouncable name of Pgh. :-)

Did we find out in this book who Tinker's mother was? If not, then I see future books dealing more with Miss Tinker Bell's origins (among other things.)--Preeti


I really like the urban elf fantasies, like WAR FOR THE OAKS, and this is a worthy addition to this subgenre. I also liked the juxtaposition of straight-on driving narrative, layered with budding romances, layered with the world-building detail and enough complexity to have me scratching my head now and then along the way. I wasn't real crazy about Tinker being only 18, but I guess if she were much older you'd lose all that hormonal angst. Anyway, put me down as thumbs up on this one, and now I've got to go back and find this author's backlist.--Suzanne

--Tinker review page

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