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03/01/2004 Entry: "Another Take on ILL WIND -- Laurie"

Ill Wind

I finished ILL WIND but I didn't love it as much as I'd hoped. Here's my 2 cents.

I found ILL WIND, what with its darker edges and snarky wit, somewhat similar to Jim Butcher's fantasies and Tanya Huff's "Keeper" books, but the premise of weather wardens is one I haven't read about before. The weather, for me at least, has never been so wildly dangerous.

Caine literally throws you into the story with very little in the way of back story or introduction, and initially, this was a bit of a stumbling block for the me of the limited patience and very few working brain cells. Once I became used to the writing method and the frequent flashbacks, I was able to figure a few things out and stopping saying "huh?" every few pages as I did early on. This technique of writing and the lack of shorter chapters to break things up often brought the pace of the story to a screeching halt for me, and it took a bit of an effort to continue turning the pages on more than one occasion.

Fortunately, after the bumpy beginning, things began to move along at a faster clip (this may stem more from the fact that I decided to just accept the storytelling method and began to expect the abrupt jumps back to the past).

Joanne is a Weather Warden and possesses the power to control the weather. When the book begins, she's on the run from both the weather (which is verrry frightening when it decides to turn on you!) and wardens who will end her life once they discover she has been poisoned by some sort of magical demon mark. She's desperately searching for her missing, uber-powerful friend Lewis. He apparently stole three djinn, which is a major offense as djinn apparently help wardens become even more powerful.

What follows is a magical road-trip filled with one adventure after another and lots of hunky men (wish I lived in Joanne's universe!). It was a decent start to the series and intrigued me enough to want to pick up the next book, but I can't say with any honesty that I'll be remembering the details of ILL WIND when HEAT STROKE comes out.--Laurie

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