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02/28/2004 Entry: "Suzanne's Recent Reads -- Cerulean Sins & Assassins of Tamurin"

Cerulean Sins

I liked some of CERULEAN SINS very much (more sex with Jean-Claude than in recent books ;-) Hamilton is another author who, at the beginning of her last few books, seems to start out with all the right moves and then kind of bogs down from there. I liked Anita's recognition that she needs to come to grips with her hangups, and I see the growth in her character as a positive. Also, I don't mind gratuitous sex; I say, bring it on!!--Suzanne

Assassins of Tamurin

S.D. Tower's THE ASSASSINS OF TAMURIN just didn't do it for me. I am usually left cold by fantasy set in alternative Asian cultures, perhaps because they seem too formal and mannered to me. This was no exception. I did like the fable-like opening scenes of Lale's exceptional childhood, and was expecting great things. Unfortunately, I didn't feel much connection with the character of the adult Lale. Also, there were no secondary characters fleshed out and made real; they all seemed cardboard. I was, however, interested enough to read it all the way through, and I can see how an opposite opinion could be extended on this one.--Suzanne


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