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02/26/2004 Entry: "Sharon Shinn's Upcoming Juvenile"

Viking Children's editor Sharyn November has the following to say about Sharon Shinn's May 2004 release THE SAFE-KEEPERS SECRET:
"SAFE-KEEPER has strong romantic threads running all the way through it, so I think that readers of her other work would enjoy it, but it doesn't have that Romance Between Two People that, say, ARCHANGEL has. I think it's really satisfying, though."
November has already signed up the sequel, THE TRUTH-TELLER'S TALE, for 2005.

THE SAFE-KEEPER'S SECRET is now available for preorder through Amazon.

Catalog Blurb:

Damiana is Safe-Keeper in the small village of Tambleham. Neighbors and strangers alike come one by one, in secret, to tell her things they dare not share with anyone else, knowing that Damiana will keep them to herself. One late night, a mysterious visitor from the city arrives with an unusual secret for the Safe-Keeper – a newborn baby. Damiana, who is expecting her own child, agrees to take the foundling. She names him Reed and raises him side by side with her daughter, Fiona. As the years pass and the two children grow older, they must come to terms with who they are – and who they may be. Sharon Shinn’s many fantasy novels for Ace have won her a loyal following. This book, firmly in the tradition of Robin McKinley’s best-selling Spindle’s End, and Shinn’s own Summers at Castle Auburn (an ALA Best Book for Young Adults), is thoughtful, warm-hearted, and sheer delight to read.

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