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02/22/2004 Entry: "RomSF Market News"

New Romance magazine Arabella recently discussed new and upcoming Romantic SF imprints in their What's Hot! column. (The magazine is in print format but does offer some material for free online.)

Some highlights--

  • Mary Theresa Hussey from Harlequin's Luna says:
    "We are currently looking at stories with an 'urban fantasy' setting—that is a contemporary world-feel, but with more than just a psychic ability or one unusual character. The fantasy elements must be part of the whole world and with a consistent world-view. Or historical settings—Sarah Zettel’s novel, IN CAMELOT'S SHADOW, has Camelot, Arthur and also evil sorcerers and spells."
    As for stories with traditional paranormal elements such as ghosts, angels, or time travel, Hussey says:
    "At this point, those paranormal elements would seem too romantic and not big enough. We would be more interested in otherworldly creatures, quests and uncovering good and evil. We do have an upcoming story with angels, (SERAPHIM by Michele Hauf) but as it reflects how Lucifer is living in the 1400s and causing chaos and the heroine must kill him and his minions, it’s not quite a usual paranormal theme!"
    --> For more on Luna, see our recent feature article, "A Look at Luna".

  • Anna Genoese from Tor Paranormal is quoted:
    "Right now we’re looking at launching in late 2004, with a shapeshifter book by Constance O’Day Flannery. She’s mostly known for writing time travel novels, so this is a big (and very welcome) departure for her and I’m really excited about it. I also have a science fiction romance by Susan Kearney, who does a lot of work with Harlequin. Patricia Simpson has come out of temporary retirement and is writing a series based around a deck of tarot cards."

  • While not specifically Romantic SF, the Silhouette Bombshell line mentioned near the top of the Arabella article also sounds like it could be fun. The editors are seeking action adventure novels with strong heroines who save the day, plus a romantic subplot. The line is launching in 2004 and one RomSF author who is already signed up is Doranna Durgin. Who knows what direction this imprint will take - the editors say they are "open to sci-fi and paranormal elements" too.

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