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02/18/2004 Entry: "SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT -- Linda's review"

Seduced by Moonlight

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I just finished Laurell K. Hamiliton's SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT, and I recommend it too. While it didn't appeal to me on a juvenile fantasy level as it did Preeti (too sexual for me to even think juvenile anything for the book <g>), I do agree about the draw of Merry's harem and their many color variations. And there certainly is the fantasy of just imagining being with some of these hunks, although my imagination can't quite go far enough to include the huge (and growing) number of her guards. <g> It's all I can do to try to keep track of who's who!! Where does Merry get all that...energy? I don't seem to have a problem with this like I would in any other book, thanks to LKH providing reasons: Merry's Unseelie sexual appetite and her very scary Queen's manipulations.

Frankly I was half afraid that it was only going to be a book about interchanging sexual partners, but it included the politics and diplomacy of the Goblins, a certain magical object appearing and affecting Merry's powers, and showing the growing power in Merry and those around her. And we had lots of action at the end. No bloodless fights here.

I continue to be amazed at LKH's imagination and look forward to the next. Though I can't imagine her every settling on one man after being with all these men!!--Linda

Book 1 A Kiss of Shadows
Book 2 A Caress of Twilight
Book 3 Seduced by Moonlight

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