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02/16/2004 Entry: "JW's Recent Reads--Anne Bishop, romantic SF anthology"

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I've read most of the stories in IRRESISTIBLE FORCES. The Stover one didn't interest me (didn't read it), and the Jennifer Roberson one didn't do much for me either. I loved the Bujold story (but would someone who wasn't a fan/reader get much out of it?), and quite enjoyed the Putney and Beverley stories (although would've preferred more relationship and less world-building). Also enjoyed the Asaro, but two sweet teenagers simply lack the sparks of her more memorable pairings.--JW

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I also finished the Tir Alainn trilogy by Anne Bishop: PILLARS OF THE WORLD, SHADOWS AND LIGHT, and THE HOUSE OF GAIAN. Liked it, didn't love it. I think this is mainly because it didn't focus on any one character or couple enough, particularly after the first book. And in the first book, much more attention is paid to the relationship with the "wrong" guy than the one the heroine ends up with. He feels like an afterthought.--JW

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