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02/15/2004 Entry: "SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT by LKH--Shelley and Preeti's take"

Seduced by Moonlight

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I loved LKH'S new Meredith Gentry novel but have a few reservations about recommending it. SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT is really engrossing, has lots of action, and sets the stage beautifully for future books. What it does not have is a mystery or other plot that is finished in this one novel. This novel was about developing Merry's powers and having her deal with her aunt's court. It set the stage for her having to deal with both the court of her uncle and of the goblins in the next book (or books). There's lots of interesing stuff if you have been following the story so far, but this is not a book that works as a stand alone in any sense. You really do have to read the others to know what is going on. That sounds like an odd kvetch about a series, but some books you can read out of order and still get it and then go back and fill yourself in--with this one, not so much.

That said, SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT kept me up until 3 a.m. following the action. There was lots of excitement, lots of sex, lots of magic. For me it was a fun read, and I am looking forward to the new installment.--Shelley


This really appealed to me on a juvenile fantasy level. When I was a girl, I'd long for all the magical princess, and pony, and any other fantasy theme dolls, and long for them in every color and configuration the toymaker offered. Once I had some, my friends and I would make up imaginary stories for the toys where all became boyfriend and girlfriend.

The appeasement of these childhood longings pretty much sum up the appeal of Merry and her harem of cool and/or pretty boys (each in his own unique configuration of eye/hair/body color and superpower, lovingly described), with the added adult kick of sex and violence and gore, often inter-mingled. There isn't much for higher-level brain function to enjoy in this story, but it's a quick, fun read that played to my juvenile doll-playing, comic-book reading worldview of fantasy and power.--Preeti

Book 1 A Kiss of Shadows
Book 2 A Caress of Twilight
Book 3 Seduced by Moonlight

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