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02/12/2004 Entry: "Reversal of plans for Michelle Sagara West"

According to a post by West on her newsgroup, she's "pushed back the writing of BLACK GAUNTLET and
hardcover publication, and [is] now writing HOUSE WAR, which [her] editor at DAW -always- maintained should be the next book." The reasons for the change are mostly writerly -- HOUSE WAR kept intruding on her efforts to write anything else. I'm sure, though, that West was influenced by the deluge of emails that essentially asked: "Loved the Sun Sword series, but... what happens to Jewel?"

HOUSE WAR revolves around two major events: The building of the Den in its early years, and the war for the House. This will mean some delay in any publication, though, since she was already several hundred pages into BLACK GAUNTLET and will need to start fresh with HOUSE WAR. But since she's now writing the book that she _wanted_ be writing, perhaps it won't be that much of a delay.

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