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02/09/2004 Entry: "Rachel Caine's ILL WIND--Linda's report"

Ill Wind<-- check out at Amazon

I enjoyed this book a lot and agree with all Shelley said about it. First person POV isn't my favorite type of narration, but it didn't take me long to get past that hurdle. ILL WIND is intriguing right from the beginning with its different take on the weather and elements and how they affect the world. A storm has never felt so menacing!

Most of the world lives innocent of knowing that the only thing keeping people alive are the wardens that keep the elements (fire, water, etc) under control. Joanne is on the run. She's wanted for murder, but if the other wardens knew the full story, it would be the end of her. She needs help fast and hopes an old friend, the strongest of all wardens, will be able to save her. (At one point she's in Pittsburgh with a storm following her. I felt sure she should have been heading for Erie. With our weather, it would have been perfect for her.)

So, on the run she is, in her faithful Mustang (I got a kick out of her attachment to it), chased both by her fellow wardens and storms made by an unknown enemy. The book was fast paced with a neat take on the use of djinns and had some surprises in store, especially at the end. I'm really interested in seeing what Caine has in store for the next book! Oh, and I enjoyed the romance in it a lot too!--Linda

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