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01/17/2004 Entry: "Two Views on Anne Bishop's THE HOUSE OF GAIAN"

Shadows and Light

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Both SHADOWS AND LIGHT and HOUSE OF GAIAN, by Anne Bishop, are definitely recommended by me, though I think I had a few problems with THE HOUSE OF GAIAN as a whole. It was kind of weird; I simply felt there wasn't enough tension. The good guys just seemed too all-knowing and powerful, and somehow the threat seemed greatly diminished by this book. Also, there were a few too many characters, so it was difficult becoming totally involved with most of them. We'd get to know someone, and they'd disappear for a while. I prefer fewer more focal characters, but I do like Anne Bishop's characters.--Lori

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Now this is what I call a finale. Fantastic! Each book in the trilogy has improved, and this one has keeper status.

Things finally look up for our heroes with the introduction of some powerful allies in the fight against the Master Inquisitor. I agree with Lori that there are a lot of new characters introduced, but they all had their part to play so I had no trouble with this (although I did have trouble keeping them straight at first.) I certainly enjoyed seeing The Huntress challenged and the fae shown a few hard facts.

I became totally caught up in this book and hated putting it down. I liked all the characters and couldn't wait to see the tide turn for the good guys.

The only parts of the book difficult for me were the descriptions of some of the Master Inquisitor's atrocities while torturing the witches. Bishop didn't dwell on them long, but I had trouble forgetting the picture they put in my mind and would rather not have known. At least it made me eager to see the Inquisitor meet his end. <veg>

THE HOUSE OF GAIAN had a great plot with a lot of questions about the origin of the titular house and the Fae answered and a lot of surprise revelations. And it had several romances in between all the fighting. A high recommend on this. This is just what I needed to get out of my reading rut!--Linda


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