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01/11/2004 Entry: "In Brief: Asaro, Armstrong, Spencer"

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THE MOON'S SHADOW by Catherine Asaro
I can speak very highly of Catherine Asaro's THE MOON'S SHADOW and also find a lot of fault with it. I hope I don't raise expectations too much by saying I thought it absolutely brilliant. The complexity of the unfolding plot (I thought of Zelazny's novels) and the characterizations (the main characters were vulnerable without coming across as weak) were brilliant.

But THE MOONS' SHADOW was also somewhat disappointing because in the cast of thousands, I found it hard to recall what was going on with the plot. Part of the continuing saga of the Skolian Empire, the story started out with a bang and continued with a lot of heady suspense and twists. But after so long of being held with your feet to the fire and biting your nails, you finally just want to skip to the end only to find that, whoops, it's to be continued. Well, okay, it wasn't a blatant cliff hanger, but you know the story of the Skolians is continued.--Barbara

STOLEN by Kelley Armstrong
I was much more fond of BITTEN. I found STOLEN a bit more cerebral and with not quite enough action for me. I still enjoyed Elena's first person voice.--Barbara

TINKER by Wen Spencer
Ditto what everyone else has said about TINKER. Spencer has created a fascinating world that is part-time on earth and part-time in Elfland and cast a really great heroine. I never connected with the elf hero Windwolf, though, partly because the story is told by Tinker in the first person, and Windwolf remains an enigma to her.---Barbara

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