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12/13/2003 Entry: "In Brief: Bujold, Asaro, Viehl"

PALADIN OF SOULS -- Lois McMaster Bujold
Below par for Bujold, which means it was still pretty damn good, but I didn't adore it the way I do many of her books. I may have been distracted (not feeling too well) when reading, so I'll give it another read in a few months.--JW

SKYFALL -- Catherine Asaro
Enjoyable, but not stunning. I enjoyed the developing relationship a great deal, but was less interested in the politics and so on.--JW

I recommend this book also. Lots of aliens, a tough heroine, a good plot, and action!! I actually liked BLADE DANCER better than Viehl's last Stardoc book. One reason for this was that I liked the romance better, another reason was the prominence of the Jorenians in this book.--Linda

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