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11/23/2003 Entry: "Wen Spencer's TINKER -- not a dull moment"

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I just love these books set in future Pgh. :-) In TINKER, a hyperphase gate had been made by the Chinese from stolen technology. Since they didn't have all the information needed, this gate has a glitch: it does open dimensions so that Elfhome and Earth can interact, but for some reason there is an overlap in Pgh. An area of Pgh is actually on elf territory part of the time and then changes over to being back on Earth. During the changeover, Shutdown occurs, and for a short time, the inhabitants are without electricity, phones, magic, etc.

The heroine, Tinker, lives in this area and owns a salvage business. She's young (18 years old, I believe) but quite a genius. She runs her business and invents things. Just before Shutdown, she spots an elf entering her junkyard, followed by and being attacked by a couple of Wargs. She actually recognizes the Elf as Windwolf, an elf she had an encounter with in her childhood that had marked her (literally). Windwolf had put some kind of spell on her which she doesn't completely understand. She tries to save him, and in the fight for life they manage to save each other, but Windwolf is critically injured. An elf can usually heal with magic but now Shutdown occurs and magic is gone. Luckily Tinker has a few inventions that she rigs up to help save him, and a race occurs to save his life. Someone is trying to kill Windwolf, but now they've also become aware of Tinker. And this is only the beginning.

There is not a dull moment. Between learning about her past (fascinating), the past connection with Windwolf, the romance (though it happens very fast) between Tinker and Windwolf, the history of how the elves came into magic, and trying to find out who the enemy is, you are totally caught up. I highly recommend this book!!--Linda

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