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11/02/2003 Entry: "My one tidbit from WFC: news of new romantic SF anthology"

I only attended a few hours of programming at this year's World Fantasy Convention but managed to pick up one good tidbit, nonetheless. Berkley will release an anthology featuring two fantasy authors--Patricia McKillip and Sharon Shinn--and two romance authors--Lynn Kurland and Claire Delacroix--in July 2004. Format is trade pb. Cover will be by Kinuko Craft. Title: TO WEAVE A WEB OF MAGIC.

I had the chance to hear both Patricia McKillip and Sharon Shinn read from their stories for the anthology. Although I kept zoning out of McKillip's narration of her story, Shinn's was riveting. Shinn's story takes place eighteen years after ARCHANGEL. It's about a highborn young Manadavvi girl, Eden, who, when the story begins, is fascinated with bad-boy angel Jesse. She has a thrilling, stolen moonlit flight with him during a pre-wedding party at which they're both guests...shortly before he scandalously hies off with the bride-to-be. We'll have to wait until the anthology comes out to find out what happens when the story then skips ahead a couple of years. Shinn apparently was inspired to write about Jesse based on the press Russell Crowe used to receive. Archangel Gabriel and Angelica Rachel's son, Gideon, makes a cameo in the portion Shinn read.

Definitely a book to look forward to!

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