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10/07/2003 Entry: "Laurell K. Hamilton Interview"

The September 2003 Chronicle (formerly Science Fiction Chronicle) features an extensive interview with Laurel K. Hamilton. In the interview, Hamilton talks about American vs. European fans, if Merry ever takes a night off, and why the author herself is getting fewer sexual advances these days.

    An excerpt --
    Chronicle: Your books contain a lot of very frank sexual content; does this lead to people making unwanted assumptions about you or cause you other difficulties in your life? And if so, do you think it's because you're female and only guys are supposed to write this sort of stuff ... ?
    LKH: ... I've been told in publishing directly, straight-out, that the reason that the sexual content is so disturbing is because I'm a woman. And I have had people, even on this tour, say that they were disturbed by the violence and the sex because I'm a woman. We have not come as far as we think we have. ...

The interview doesn't appear to be online anywhere, but back issues should be available through their (woefully out of date) website.

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