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09/30/2003 Entry: "PALADIN OF SOULS -- Nothing not to love"

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I highly recommend PALADIN OF SOULS! I can honestly say the hardcover price is worth every cent. There wasn't anything I didn't love about this book.

PoS does start out slow, but even then, Lois McMaster Bujold's writing, especially in the building of characters, is so good that I never felt bored. I loved the originality of the plot and the real neat plot twist. I came to know and care for so many of the characters besides the main ones. And I definitely loved the romance!

I didn't have the reaction to Ista that Edith did. I think I liked Ista even more than the usual heroine because she's depicted as being closer to my age (40s), which isn't done very often in books. I really enjoyed Ista's more mature outlook during her coming of age journey, when the finds what she's made of. And it's great that an older heroine can still find love when she least expects it or even thinks of it. :-)

Like Edith, I too had forgotten most of CURSE OF CHALION. Thankfully, I can second her report on the good job done by Bujold on filling in details in PoS. Also, I had no problem with the number of Gods in the story, which could be because I grew up reading Eddings and the like. In fact, I found Bujold's handling of the God situation interesting, i.e., showing us the less than stellar side of being God-touched.--Linda

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