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09/03/2003 Entry: "Doranna Durgin, romance author"

Did you guys read the romance anthology FEMME FATALE? Doranna Durgin's is the first of three connected stories about female spies (thinks Alias or Charlie's Angels, I guess, except there isn't much silliness.) I honestly thought Durgin's story succeeded admirably as a romance, i.e., she "gets" it. The hero and heroine's conflict was too diametrically opposed to be truly convincing (i.e., she's too "creative", he plays too much by the rules) but no matter, I still liked the story. No fantasy or paranormal elements, however.

Virginia Kantra, who's a pretty good romance writer, wrote the third story. Some woman I've never heard of wrote the second story. I didn't read that one.

[Durgin's fantasy DUN LADY'S JESS]

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