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08/26/2003 Entry: "Deborah Smith and Elizabeth Kerner Books Delayed"

Deborah Smith's second mermaid book, TWO IF BY SEA, was supposed to come out in July but hasn't appeared yet. When contacted, publisher Bellebooks said the following:
"We hope the author will be able to deliver a manuscript for the second book, TWO IF BY SEA, this fall and we'll put it out as soon as possible after that. Most likely spring. Deborah Smith is a popular writer and we have to share her time with her other publisher--Little Brown. Her latest book from them--SWEET HUSH is available now. And, of course, we've just released SUMMER IN MOSSY CREEK, the third in the Mossy Creek series, in which Deb has a novella."
--Read our conflicting thoughts about Smith's ALICE AT HEART

According to Elizabeth Kerner's website, REDEEEMING THE LOST has been rescheduled to a tentative release date of June 04. The author admits she's a slow writer. :)
--Kerner's Tale of Lanen Kaeler so far:

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