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08/22/2003 Entry: "Susan Sizemore and Julie Czerneda -- Leila's Recent Reads"

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Laws of the Blood series -- Susan Sizemore

Please put me down as a very firm recommend for the entire Laws of the Blood series. I like the hard-edged style, this sort of effortless post-modern irony that can depict the most gruesome deeds as a comedy routine. COMPANIONS was my favorite, but the entire vampire world Sizemore created, with their laws, history and politics, makes for interesting reading.--Leila

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TIES OF POWER -- Julie E. Czerneda

I've finished the second book of Czerneda's "Clan" universe, TIES OF POWER, and am almost finished with the third. Our hero & heroine--Sira and Morgan--are separated for most of these two. I'm riveted by the action and the various alien cultures (truly original stuff) and their relationship to the M'Hir, this unknown space that exists on mental power & talent. As Preeti mentioned, the Drapsk steal the show.--Leila

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