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08/17/2003 Entry: "S.L. Viehl's BLADE DANCER -- "Definite Recommend""

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I finished S.L. Viehl's BLADE DANCER earlier this week and really enjoyed it. It has a couple of things that make it appealing to SFR readers. First, there is a romance. It does not take up a lot of the action, but is definitely integral to the plot. Second, this is a very relationship driven novel on all levels, as well as fast-moving sci/fi adventure.

BLADE DANCER is about Jory Rask, a famous athlete on earth, who is deported when the authorities discover that she is half human and half Jorenian. She has a mission of sorts, from her mother, and travels to Joren to find the other half-breed children -- the group her mother calls the children of honor. The first part of the adventure is just getting to Joren. Then she ends up with the job of gathering together some very different individuals, telling them some home truths and letting them join her in the second part of her mission.

The book revolves around both the action scenes, which take place in a very rugged "training" environment, and around the relationships Jory develops with the six other children of honor. For me this was a definite recommend.

P.S.--While the story takes place in the same universe as the Stardoc novels and at roughly the same time, it is not a tie-in; this book was written to be a stand-alone novel.--Shelley

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