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06/15/2003 Entry: "Danielle's Recent Reads--Asaro, Hambly"

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THE QUANTUM ROSE by Catherine Asaro
THE QUANTUM ROSE is a decent book and fairly entertaining - I remember reading it quickly - but not one of Asaro's most memorable. The two halves of the book seemed disconnected (one half planetary romance, one half galactic politics); it was easy to see where the original novella had been expanded.

I find that I prefer Asaro's books that stand alone, or nearly so, like THE LAST HAWK. Her Skolian Empire stories make me feel like I need a program and/or a family tree in each book to keep track of all the players.

SISTERS OF THE RAVEN by Barbara Hambly
Mentioned in passing since it's not really an SFR, though there are some relationships within it. A standalone fantasy set in a vaguely Arabic desert society where magic (previously wielded only by men) has somehow transferred to the women. Recommended if you're a Hambly fan.


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