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06/10/2003 Entry: "LKH's CERULEAN SINS--recommended with reservations"

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I borrowed CERULEAN SINS from the library twice and finally managed to finish it the second time around. Put me down as a recommend (with many reservations). Though while reading I longed for the old Anita--the funny, ardeur-less, mortal version of Anita--I still managed to enjoy it on some level that I can't decently explain (the sex? the return of the gore? I don't know.) It was better than NARCISSUS IN CHAINS, possibly because there was so little of Micah the meek (who has zero personality) and because Anita did go back to raising the dead and helping the police on the gruesome chase for a murderer. But, feh, what Laurell K. Hamilton has done to Richard burns me. She should just write him out already and be done with it rather than turning him into a self-pitying, self-destructive pain in the ass. The ending was rushed (as usual) and there was way too much of the ardeur awakenings for me. Despite everything, it was a page-turner, but I'm relieved I made the decision to leave it on the shelf at B&N and borrow it from the library instead.--Laurie


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