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05/29/2003 Entry: "Shelley's Recent Reads -- Harris, Huff, Armstrong"

CLUB DEAD by Charlaine Harris
I enjoyed this a lot, but it is very much a middle book in a series. It was very fast paced as far as the action went, but definitely left a lot up in the air as far as the relationships. If you are impatient with loose ends, read this one close to the release of the next book.

I loved Tanya Huff's LONG HOT SUMMONING. I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. Hell is back and can be found at a mall near you... As funny as these SUMMONING books are, they also manage to have a great sense of adventure. Even while you're laughing, the mission the heroines are on remains suspenseful, which is a nice trick. Huff is one of those authors I wish could write super fast. I love so many of her different series I want to see books in all of them.

STOLEN by Kelley Armstrong
I really enjoyed STOLEN a lot. Not a SFR, but lots of good action and I enjoy Elena's voice. I am looking forward to Armstrong's next novel about Paige, but I also hope she someday circles back to the werewolves--even the secondary werewolf characters in STOLEN were fairly interesting.


[Kelley Armstrong's first book, BITTEN]

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