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05/12/2003 Entry: "BITTER WATERS by Wen Spencer"

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BITTER WATERS is an excellent book. Lots of action. (And Ukiah's son is cute.) There are new dangers coming to the fore and there's clearly trouble ahead.

I see what you mean about Ukiah's relationship with Indigo. They are an odd couple. Things happened so fast for them in the first book and we've never been able to see the relationship grow. Indigo wasn't in the second book, TAINTED TRAIL, and most of the time when you see her in BITTER WATERS, it's when Ukiah calls her and updates her on information on the search for his son. They might have gotten together two times? When Ukiah thinks about Indigo, he obviously feels he loves her. But you never get her thoughts, which really hinders things since she's such a tough cookie that she doesn't seem to show her feelings outwardly. So you don't feel much zing between them; you are just told they are in love, thanks to Ukiah. Hope Wen Spencer starts letting us see Indigo's point of view a little; we've seen more of Sam's. But I still enjoyed this a lot (though not quite as much as the first two) and give it a recommend.--Linda


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I hear the next book, Dog Warrior, picks up right after the end of Bitter Waters. Like, the very next day?

Considering that the reader is limited to the main character's POV, I think further insight into Indigo is unlikely.

Posted by Katherine @ 05/13/2003 10:22 PM ET

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