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05/04/2003 Entry: "Robin McKinley & Peter Dickinson's WATER--good stuff"

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There is a direct correlation between the stories I liked in WATER: TALES OF ELEMENTAL SPIRITS, by Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson, and how much romance there was in them. This means that I enjoyed The Sea-King's Son, Kraken, and A Pool in the Desert the most.[...] Generally, I liked McKinley's stories better than Peter Dickinson's. Except for Kraken, I found his contributions didn't really interest me.

To my shame, I haven't been able to get through Robin McKinley's ROSE DAUGHTER or SPINDLE'S END despite multiple tries, so am feeling a strong sense of rediscovery from reading WATER. I wonder if we can expect to see collections themed around other elements?--Preeti

I did borrow WATER from the library last year and even finished it. I do seem to recall that WATER was pleasant enough. I breezed through McKinley's contributions but had to use a little force to finish Dickinson's stories. However, none of McKinley's short stories are of the same caliber as her best books (some of my all time favourites) and it's not a collection that I see myself rereading over time although I will acquire a paperback copy sometime.—Isabel

[see our thoughts on ROSE DAUGHTER] and [SPINDLE'S END]

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Wow those are some of the very few positive reviews I've seen for this book. I'm a huge Robin McKinley fan so I'll be picking this up as soon as it comes out in paper back. Preeti, stick with Rose Daughter. It starts out slow but it gets really good later on.

Posted by Celes @ 05/05/2003 01:08 PM ET

Well, I really only liked two out of six stories: the one McKinley (The Sea-King's Son) and the one Dickinson (Kraken). In my more extended comments on the review page, you'll see that the appeal of McKinley's A Pool in the Desert was revisiting Damar rather than the story itself. And I didn't talk about the stories in WATER I actively disliked, those being the remaining three stories in the anthology. :-)

Still, I felt good about reading the antho because I realized how much I like McKinley's writing even if the storytelling is uneven. Will take ROSE DAUGHTER off the shelf for another try.

Posted by Preeti @ 05/05/2003 05:19 PM ET

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