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04/28/2003 Entry: "BITTER WATERS by Wen Spencer, another good one"

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Well, nothing in this series will beat the first in terms of the sheer creativity of how suspensefully the mystery of Ukiah was revealed to the reader. BITTER WATERS was pretty good, though. In the last one, Ukiah reclaimed his memories of his Native American past. In BITTER WATERS, he's back in Pittsburgh and immediately becomes involved in a missing infants case and learns of a cult with an interest in him. And, yes, he dies again in this one.

As much I enjoyed the story, I have a big complaint: There is no Palpable Romantic Tension between Ukiah and Indigo. Since the first book, the romance has been the weakest part of the series. Where are the sparks? This is most disappointing, especially since we saw more of Indigo in this BITTER WATERS. Here's a case of a series where I wouldn't mind the love interest biting the dust in favor of someone new.

Ukiah's son, on the other hand, is just too, too cute. It's great catching up with all the other important people in Ukiah's life, as well. The mystery plot was too gruesome for my taste, but held my interest throughout. There is a big, deliberately dangling, eyebrow-raising plot point that will need to be resolved in future books. BITTER WATERS was notable for introducing a strong fantasy/spiritual aspect to the previously (I thought) pure science fiction world. Recommended.--Preeti


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Dear sir or maam
I am running a publishing company in Korea.
I am looking for fantasy novels to publish it after we translate the books into Korean.
I'm really interested in Bitter Waters and am eager to publish it in Korea.
If you are interested in my proposal, please let me know.

President of English tree
Han, Hyuk

Posted by Hyuk Han @ 04/30/2003 08:14 PM ET

You might try contacting Wen Spencer through her website at www.wenspencer.com

Posted by Rebekah @ 05/07/2003 12:18 AM ET

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