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04/27/2003 Entry: "CLUB DEAD, another good one by Charlaine Harris"

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CLUB DEAD starts off with Sookie learning that Bill is missing, is in serious trouble, has been unfaithful to her, and is planning to dump her. Yowza! She decides she has to save him anyway, and travels to Mississippi with an escort and an entree from a local werewolf named Alcide.

This rough patch in Bill and Sookie's relationship makes CLUB DEAD very much a middle book in a series. Much more than in the previous two books, I was left at the end with a feeling of only getting an intermediate resolution to the story (meaning the immediate problem at hand was resolved, but the bigger relationship and power struggle issues were left tantalizingly unanswered.) Since JW (I think it was) has ranted in the past about Charlaine Harris killing off the heroine's lover in one of her earlier mystery series, I was kept on an unsure footing while reading CLUB DEAD. I mean, Harris is offering Sookie a smorgasboard of sexy men besides Bill. :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, however, despite hating to see it end where it did.--Preeti


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I just finished Club Dead and had almost the same reaction Preeti did. The major storyline (Bill being kidnapped, Sookie seeking to find and rescue him) was resolved and yet because of the status of Sookie and Bill's relationship, it felt very unfinished. But I don't mean that as a detraction from the story, which was at all times engrossing and entertaining. A true page-turner.

I (and everyone else) can't help but compare the series to the Anita Blake series. I find Sookie a much more approachable character, someone I can understand and who often reacts the same way I would.

I have no idea of the planned length of this series, but I hope it goes on for some time.

Posted by Jill @ 04/28/2003 06:44 PM ET

Sookie is really far more approachable character and one I respect. After the last Anita book I'm thinking about giving up on the series.

Posted by Jenn @ 04/29/2003 11:03 AM ET

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