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04/26/2003 Entry: "More on CERULEAN SINS, this time positive!"

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I also read CERULEAN SINS. I enjoyed it a lot. Unlike many here, I do not care if Anita has a heram. But then again, I am in the please kill Richard camp - I find his continual refusal to deal with being a werewolf and his putting them in dangerous situations to be beyond irritating. I do think that one of the reasons I do not find some of the stuff particuarily jarring is because I noticed the trend of Anita turning into a kind of super hero early on and just have enjoyed it partly because it is so over the top. I actually find it a little more strange that she is still so uptight about some aspects of her sexuality than I find it odd that she keeps developing her magical powers. She dominates Nathaniel and he gets off on it but they are not having sex? She engages in some very sexual behavior with others, but there has been no penetration so it is not sex? Oh, please, buy a clue....--Shelley

I've never been real pleased about how many lovers she has though realize the ardeur isn't giving her a lot of choice.... Jean-Claude has turned out to be pretty darn understanding with her, and though that takes some of his scariness away, at this point that's ok. He deserves her total love but I think she's going to try to change. Though that love scene, when the ardeur was on her but he had just woken up and didn't have enough blood in him...total turn off. The picture in my mind just grossed me out. :-( I know I'm not an erotica fan, although I have been getting used to a lot of it, but that was just too much!!...

Now that I've done all my complaining, I enjoyed this book more than the last one and still had trouble putting it down. I'm still hooked and will continue seeing what happens. I actually enjoyed most of it!! Lots of action and variety in the plot. I would recommend it, though it's not for everyone. As for it being over the top...it always was and that never bothered me. --Linda

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