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04/20/2003 Entry: "Preeti's opinion of CERULEAN SINS"

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In CERULEAN SINS, Anita has to protect her paranormal friends from a threat from Jean-Claude's past, a group of visiting vampires that includes the head of his line. Plus there are some grisly murders for her to solve. The two plots join up for a satisfying conclusion.

And yet I feel that CERULEAN SINS is another step in the decline of the Anita Blake series. I had to laugh when Anita added another couple of notches to her bed-post. Also when she goes on and on about how dangerous and cold she is. This self-deceiving character is living in a wish-fulfillment fantasy world. Which wouldn't be so bad if LKH was playing Anita for the irony, but increasingly it seems that LKH is dead serious about having the reader buy into Anita's delusions. Anita lives in a world where her sexuality and power trump that of everyone's around her. It's so over-the-top and self-indulgent. This lack of believable world-building wouldn't be so frustrating if I hadn't loved the earlier books so much.

I still read the book in one sitting--not many writers can touch her for her page-turning stories--but spent much of my time responding in disbelief at the way this series continues to go. Even though the Anita Blake books seems to be a cash cow for LKH, I would love to see it wrapped up quickly before it becomes more of a joke.

Anyone else read CERULEAN SINS yet? I know this series is really polarizing fans who were united in their enthusiasm when it first began. You have only to read earlier comments about the Anita Blake books on this blog to see proof of the divided opinions.--Preeti

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As a fan from the beginning of this series, I am greatly disappointed in the direction it is going. Anita's over the top skills and strength has made this series a joke. Jean Claude, the sexy Master Vampire has to now depend on Anita for strength and protection? How crazy is that? I agree that LKH can write a good story but what she chooses to write about is what I have a problem with, a problem that started with BLUE MOON and worsened from there. I had my hopes dashed when I learned that Anita is still sleeping with anything with/without a pulse and gathering new powers like trinkets. I miss her interactions with other people like Ronnie and her boss, and Dolph. I miss the way the series started, period. I can take change, but not this. I won't be buying this book. If my library decides to order it, I'll check it out but otherwise, forget it. Great storyteller, what went wrong--I don't know-- and too bad that she doesn't get the message from those fans who were there from the beginning. I've never been so fustrated with an author in my life. The only way she'll get the message is by keeping my pocketbook closed. Thanks for letting me vent.

Posted by Keishon @ 04/20/2003 06:52 PM ET

Ditto on the Anita Blake review. I read it one sitting, but some of the internal dialogue just made me shake my head - and what is this with the villains!? Pretty soon she'll be taking on satan himself. I have to say I find the Meredith Gentry books more enjoyable, at least she has a slightly plausible reason for sleeping with the bevy of male beauties - and less angst about it too. Anita, honey, if you're going to sleep with more than one guy, you might as well just go all the way. And does LKH have some fear of saying 'anal sex'. I just find it amusing.

Posted by Meredith @ 04/21/2003 02:45 PM ET

I have to agree with the comments expressed by others. I was hoping for a direction change after the last book but, alas, that was not to be. I did buy this book and am now regretting it. I just can't get into a series where the main character hates herself. I wish LKH would get the message. I still love the Merry Gentry series but am now worried that LKH may have issues ending it as well.

Posted by Kathy @ 04/22/2003 08:11 AM ET

Cerulean Sins was definitely a disappointment. I was looking forward to the vampire politics and meeting a new villain in Belle Morte, but rather than coming off as scary and horrifying, Belle Morte just came off as self absorbed and past her prime. What I find most annoying about her later novels is all the time LKH spends analyzing (or justifying) why it's OK for Anita to lust after multiple men and explaining the extensive relationship and commitment issues Richard, Anita, Asher, JC and everyone has. What happened to developing characters through the plot and storyline rather than spelling it out for us in too much detail!?

Posted by Audrey @ 04/22/2003 04:15 PM ET

While I agree with what has been said in the previous comments, having been there from the beginning, I'm not about to give up on Anita(or Laurell)...yet.
The tantalising five book build up to the crescendo of the bathtub scene obviously cannot be repeated while our heroine is consumed by the "ardeur" but unlike Anita in her present state of eternal horniness, we readers still require a little literary foreplay!
Although I was pleased that two of my favourite characters have at last been added to her Stable(?) the romance has gone. In Anita's own words "doing the nasty" was merely a nessecity due to either political or physical need and those two characters deserved better than that!
Having waited so long for the book and waiting for it's arrival in Australia(special order), I probably expected too much. Maybe on the second reading?
Anyway, Hope that doesn't sound too negative because despite what I've said I read it in one sitting and eagerly anticipate the next installment.

Posted by Fran @ 04/23/2003 04:30 AM ET

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