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04/18/2003 Entry: "Meisha Merlin News"

From the newsletter of small press publisher Meisha Merlin:

We've signed contracts with Michelle West, author of the "Sun Sword" series, for a new short story collection. Michelle wrote the introduction for our Tanya Huff collection WHAT HO, MAGIC!, and after catching up with her at World Con, decided to do a collection together. What will be included in the collection is still to be determined, as is the title. She will turn in a manuscript later this year; pub date is tentatively set for early 2005 (possibly late 2004).

P. C. Hodgell: Pat's fans will be excited that learn that she has now delivered to us the first four chapters of the new Jame novel! The writing is progressing well, and Pat is finding ways to devote even more time to it. Good things are in store!

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What great news! I have been waiting for years to read more books about Jame by P.C. Hodgell! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book.

Posted by Dawn @ 04/20/2003 06:46 PM ET

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