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04/02/2003 Entry: "New Luna editor interviewed"

E-zine Crescent Blues has the first interview of Mary-Theresa Hussey from Harlequin Books and editor of the newly announced Luna Books romantic SF imprint. Hussey sounds enthusiastic and knowledgable on her subject. It does appear as if the imprint will be confined to Fantasy, with a particular focus on traditional and historical Fantasy.

Here's an excerpt--
"What led you to accept the post as editor of this new line? Did you have a prior interest in fantasy?
I've been a long-time fan of science fiction and fantasy and have always talked about the possibility of Harlequin doing more with these themes. I worked on some of the Shadows titles, and as senior editor for Silhouette Romance worked on the "Soulmates" thematic stories that had paranormal elements. So I was delighted by this opportunity to move into the "real" fantasy market with authors I have always enjoyed. I'm a fan of a broad range of sf/fantasy -- along with the authors mentioned above, I never miss the next [Lois McMasters] Bujold, [David] Eddings, [Sharon] Miller/[Steve] Lee, [Robin] McKinley, [Tanya] Huff, [Elizabeth] Moon, [Anne] Bishop, Foster, Charles deLint, Bunch/Cole, [David] Weber, [David] Duncan, [Julie] Czernada, David, [Terry] Goodkind, [Doranne] Durgin, [Patricia A.] McKillip, [Laurell K.] Hamilton, and so many others! Vivid characterization, world-building, imagination and compelling writing can cross all boundaries."

Go to Crescent Blues for the full article.

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sorry to be picky but it's [Steve] Miller/[Sharon] Lee.

Posted by heidio @ 04/09/2003 01:12 PM ET

Catherine Asaro apparently has signed a contract for several fantasies with Luna.

Posted by Katherine @ 04/09/2003 05:42 PM ET

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