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03/16/2003 Entry: "Happy News from Anne Bishop"

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According to a post by Anne Bishop on the romanticsf yahoogroup, she has received official word that Roc bought a four-novella collection of stories about the "Black Jewels" characters, as well as two novels that will be set in a new world. She's going to be a busy writer until the end of 2005!

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And let's not forget that she said Lucivar's story would be about his courtship with Marian! :-) And that she guesses it won't see publication until late 2004. :-(

Posted by Preeti @ 03/17/2003 09:07 AM ET

Yeah but Preeti, think about it if she's going to have three new books out in two years that means in one of those two years there's going to be two books out in the same year. That's the best news I've heard, I usually have to wait a year for anything new from her, so in this case it's all worth it =D hehe

Posted by Cyberkitty @ 03/21/2003 12:28 AM ET

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