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03/08/2003 Entry: "Some teasers from the March Locus"

March is the forthcoming books issue, pick it up! Brief Locus plug: We only put news here that we think all our readers will be interested in, but there is so much more that you personally might be interested in that we'd never think to post. It's an informative, thorough, and well-put-together magazine. You'll never believe what you've been missing!

A few random bits until we get more time--
Forthcoming: Robin McKinley, SUNSHINE, Berkley, October 2003
Forthcoming: Katherine Kurtz's IN THE KING'S SERVICE, Ace, October 2003 -- the first Childe Morgan book. (This replaces a short story Kurtz wrote and then apparently decided to scrap once she realized she was going to turn it into a novel.)
Announced: Lois McMaster Bujold sold the third (untitled) book in the series that started with CURSE OF CHALION.
Announced: Patricia Briggs sold a fantasy duology about a traveling mage.

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The working title for Lois McMaster Bujold's new book is The Hallowed Hunt. The new book is set in the Chalion universe but takes place in a new kingdom. This according to a post on 03 Mar 2003 by LMB herself on the LOIS-BUJOLD Mailing list.

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