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03/08/2003 Entry: "Carol Berg's SONG OF THE BEAST"

 <-- Check it out at Amazon.

From the NAL catalog--
"From Carol Berg, acclaimed author of the Rai-kirah series, comes the epic story of Aidan MacAllister, a musician beloved by the gods, whose voice and harp could transform the souls of men ..."

And more info from the Carol Berg website--
"How much is required of a man chosen by a god?"
"Aidan MacAllister is a broken man. Seventeen years of torment have accomplished what his captors wanted. The music he once used to provide a glimmer of beauty and hope to the people of war-ravaged Elyria is dead. The god who nurtured his talent since boyhood has abandoned him. Courage, honor, pride, and fame have been left behind in the bowels of a Ridemark prison. His voice is silent, his hands ruined, his heart a desert. Now if only he knew why."

It's coming out in May and does look like a standalone.

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