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03/07/2003 Entry: "TITHE by Holly Black -- Laurie's Review"

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I *loved* this book, Preeti. Thanks a million for the recommendation.

TITHE is a real page-turner. I especially enjoyed its bleak, but never overwhelmingly depressing, look at life from a jaded sixteen-year-old's point of view. Even before Kaye discovers the world of faery her world isn't that of your typical teenager. Because of her upbringing and lack of parental support she's got an edge about her that makes her refreshingly interesting. She smokes, talks tough, and holds her own against the flaky, ineffective adults and self-absorbed teens that inhabit her world. Though she's self-reliant and insightful, she's still a teenager prone to emotion, moments of selfishness and wicked thoughts of revenge. Her faults, as well as her strengths, are the reason I enjoyed her character so much.

Her conflicted feelings for Roiben -- is he tortured hero or cold-hearted fiend? -- are also another fascinating aspect of the story. Their emerging romance manages to be sensual, touching, and anything but the same-old, same-old. If you're tired of angelic, nauseatingly good heroes and heroines, don't worry, because you won't find any here!...--Laurie


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Holly Black has a livejournal, which you can find here. Just an FYI. :)

Posted by Julia @ 03/18/2003 03:09 PM ET

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